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Topic DescriptionProgram or Project DescriptionDeliverable(s)
Alternative Green Infrastructure (GI) Facility Sizing AnalysisBASMAA Green Infrastructure Facility Sizing for Non-Regulated Street Projects (2017-12-13)
Assistance for LID Feasibility / Infeasibility Criteria Report & Status Report projectsFeasibility_Infeasibility Criteria Report

Status Report on the Application of Feasibility-Infeasibility Criteria for Low Impact Development
Biotreatment Soil Media (BSM)
Soil Media Specifications Roundtable
Soil Media Specifications Roundtable – Draft Agenda, Presentation, and Draft Meeting Notes (April 2010)
Preparation of Regional Biotreatment Soil Guidance and Related DocumentationTransmittal-Model Bioretention Soil Media Specifications
Biotreatment Soil Mix ReviewRegional Biotreatment Soil Specification 2016

Biotreatment_Soil_Mix_Verification_Checklist – 05-27-16 Form

Biotreatment Soil and Tree Roundtable Summary_Improvements for the Health of Trees

Literature Review – BSM Specs-Current Research on Trees and WQ Treatment

Literature Review – Bioretention Design for Tree Health
BMP Effectiveness Monitoring Guidance
Compilation of New Development Treatment Controls
Construction SitesIC and ID Cards (Illicit connection and Illegal dumping)IC-ID Cards_BASMAA 2005
Regional Blueprint for a Clean BayBASMAA Blueprint for a Clean Bay_2007
Regional Construction Education Program – Phase I
Regional Construction Education Program – Phase II
Regional Construction Education Program – Phase IIIBASMAA Plan Sheet4_Nov 2002

BASMAA Concrete tri-fold

BASMAA Home Repair tri-fold

BASMAA Painting tri-fold

BASMAA Saw Cut Slurry tri-fold
Cost Impact of On-Site Stormwater Detention and Treatment Requirements
Green Streets Pilot Projects – Assessment and Reporting
LID White Paper
Preparation of Green Roofs Submittal
Qualified Post-Construction Consultants ListBASMAA Qualified Consultant List_2007
Special Projects Criteria and Procedures
Standard Specifications for Lot-scale Site Design and Treatment MeasuresFact Sheets – 8.5 x 11 or Online viewing versionsBASMAA_Landscape_Dispersion_Fact_Sheet_082312_Approved_8.5×11 online_viewing

BASMAA_Pervious_Paving_Fact_Sheet_082312_Approved_8.5×11 online_viewing

BASMAA_Rain_Barrel_Fact_Sheet_082312_Approved_8.5×11 online_viewing

Fact Sheets – 11 x 17 versionsBASMAA_Landscape_Dispersion_Fact_Sheet_082312_Approved_11x17 fold_and_print

BASMAA_Pervious_Paving_Fact_Sheet_082312_Approved_11x17 fold_and_print

BASMAA_Rain_Barrel_Fact_Sheet_082312_Approved_11x17 fold_and_print

Start at the Source1999 Start at the Source ManualBASMAA_Start at the Source-Site Design Guidance Manual_1999
Compilation of Start at the Source Tools
Outreach on 1997 Start at the Source Manual
Outreach on 1999 Start at the Source Manual
Site Planning and Design Guidance Manual
Start at the Source Outreach VideoStart at the Source (2001) (video)
Using Start at the Source to Comply with Development StandardsUsing Site Design Techniques
Video on Using Start at the Source to Comply with Development Standards bookletUsing Site Design Techniques to Meet Development Standards for Stormwater Quality – BASMAA (2004) (video)
Urban Greening Bay Area
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Monitoring / Pollutants of Concern (MPC)

Topic DescriptionProgram or Project DescriptionDeliverable(s)
Air Quality / Emissions – DepositionAir Deposition Scoping Study
Development & Implementation of a Monitoring Program for Specific Emission Sources
Biology / CrittersBay Area Macroinvertebrate Information (BAMBI) Network
Regional Monitoring Coalition (RMC) 5-year Bioassessment ReportBASMAA Fact Sheet-5-Year Bioassessment

BASMAA RMC 5-Year Bioassessment Report
Copper / Brake PadsBrake Pad Partnership – Support for Sustainable Conservation
Brake Pad Partnership Representation
Studies of Copper Uncertainties
Vehicle Brake Pads
Databases, Analyses, & ReportingAbstracts / Annotated Bibliography
Analysis of Monitoring DataSummary-BASMAA Monitoring Data Analysis_1988-1995
Desktop Analysis to Inform Pilot Testing of Municipal O&M Enhancements
Dioxins Synthesis
Evaluation of Stormwater Diversion to POTWs
Integrated Monitoring Report
Integrated Monitoring Report Outline and Template
Integrated Monitoring Report; Elevated Areas ID
Integrated Monitoring Report; Joint Tasks for Template and Parameters
Interim Accounting Methodology & Reporting ToolsFinal Interim Accounting Methodology Report v.1.1 (Revised March 2017)
Maintenance of Special Studies List, Abstracts, and Annotated Bibliography
On-Call Services for Maintenance of RMC Monitoring Database
POC Monitoring Information Management & QC
POC Monitoring Lab Contracting, Data Analyses, Information and Data Management
Program-specific Urban Creeks Monitoring Report
Reasonable Assurance Analyses (RAAs) Peer ReviewsRAA_PeerReviewMatrix_ACCWP_CCCWP_Biggs






Reasonable Assurance Analysis (RAA) Approach SupportFinal RAA Guidance Document_063017
Refined Source Control Load Reduction Accounting for RAASource Control Load Reduction Accounting for RAA (Final 8-31-20) V.2
Regional Urban Creeks Monitoring Report Format
Updates to QA-QC Module for the RMC SWAMP-format Creek Status Database
General Stormwater MonitoringCreek Status and Trends Information Management and Quality Control
Creek Status Monitoring – Lab Std Contract Language / Reporting Formats
Creek Status Monitoring – SOPs and Quality Assurance Procedures
Creek Status Monitoring Coordination
Creek Status Monitoring Information Management System Development
Monitoring Protocol Standardization
Regional Creek Status and Long‐Term Trends Monitoring Design
Regional Monitoring Strategy – Coordination and Assistance
Regional Stormwater Monitoring StrategyBASMAA Regional Monitoring Strategy_BRMS

Support Document for Development of the Regional Stormwater Monitoring Strategy
Mercury Allocation Sharing with Caltrans
PBDEsPBDEs, Legacy Pesticides, Selenium – Characterization
PBDEs, Legacy Pesticides, Selenium – Control measures
PCBs / CaulkBuilding Materials Management Framework GuidancePCBs Mgmt Framework SOW and Budget FINAL 12-2-2016
Managing PCBs-Containing Materials and Wastes during Building DemolitionApplicant Pkg PCBs demo FINAL 8-26-2018

CEQA Strategy and Model NOE PCBs Demo Final August 2018

Conceptual Approach PCBs Demo Loads Reduced Final 8-26-2018

Industrial Outreach Opportunities Final 10-2-2018

Industry Communication Summary PCBs Demo Final August 2018

Industry Training PPT Final 10-2-2018

Model Adoption Language PCBs Demo FINAL August 2018

Muni Training PPT Final 10-2-2018

PCBs Demo Industry Factsheet Final 10-2-2018

PCBs Demo Municipal Fact Sheet Final 10-2-2018
PCBs in Caulk – Pilot projects
Pollutant of Concern (POC) MonitoringMulti-Year Pollutants of Concern Sampling Plan
POC Monitoring for Source Identification and Management Action EffectivenessBASMAA POC Monitoring for Management Action Effectiveness_Final Study Design Sept 2017

BASMAA POC Removal Effectiveness of HDS Units_2-20-19_Final

Final PCBs in Infrastructure Caulk Study Design_June 14 2017

Final PCBs in Infrastructure Caulk-Project Report_August 2018Final PCBs in Infrastructure Caulk-Project Report_August 2018_with appendices

SAP-QAPP_BASMAA POC Monitoring-Version 2_Sept 2017
POC Monitoring Station Setup, Equipment Purchasing, Operation
Sediment Delivery Estimate / Budget
Standard Operating and Quality Assurance Procedures
Stormwater Pollutant Loads and Loads Reduced
Stressor / Source Identification (SSID)Regional SSID Project Work Plan and ImplementationBASMAA Elec Utility SSID Report FINAL_8-20-20

Final BASMAA Elec Utility SSID Workplan _3-6-19
Stressor / Source Identification Guidance
Training Materials to Identify Pollutants of Concern (POCs) in Commercial / Industrial Facilities
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Municipal Operations

Topic DescriptionProgram or Project DescriptionDeliverable(s)
BMPs for Fire Sprinkler TestingBMPs for Fire Sprinkler Testing_BASMAA
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Operational Permits

Topic DescriptionProgram or Project DescriptionDeliverable(s)
Dewatering Confluence: Information Sharing Workshop and BMP Update
Flood Control Maintenance BMP Training Workshops
Flood Control Maintenance BMPs Manual and Reference GuideFlood Control Facility Maintenance BMPs manual – BASMAA_June 2000
Regional Biological Assessment
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Phase II

Topic DescriptionProgram or Project DescriptionDeliverable(s)
E.12 ManualBASMAA Post-Construction Manual–Design Guidance for Stormwater Treatment and Control for Projects in Marin, Sonoma, Napa, and Solano Counties

C – Stormwater Control Plan Template for Small Projects Draft 2014-07-14…

D – Stormwater Control Plan Template for Regulated Projects Draft 2014-0…

G – Model_CIP_sign-off_form_E12_2014-07-14

Technical Criteria for Non-LID
E.12 Manual UpdateBASMAA_Post_Construction_Manual_2019
Trash Amendments Planning (13383 Order)Final Draft Tech Memo 2_Full Cap Equiv_5_19_17

Final HDS SOP_10_2_17_All

Final North Bay Phase II OM Template and Guidance

Final Phase II Track 2 Implementation Plan Template 4_9_18_clean

Final Small Full Capture_SOP_10_2_17_All

Final Trash Reduction Calculator_Locked_Blank-3_15_18

Final Trash Reduction Calculator_Locked_Example Completed 3_15_18
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Public Information / Participation (PI/P)

Topic DescriptionProgram or Project DescriptionDeliverable(s)
Advertising Campaigns / OutreachRegional Advertising Campaign I
Regional Advertising Campaign IIWhen Ants Invade (1999) (video)
Regional Advertising Campaign III
Regional Advertising Campaign IV
Regional Advertising Campaign Strategy
Regional Outreach Campaign – Litter
Regional Outreach Implementation Plan – Litter
Regional Outreach Strategic Plan
Regional Phone Line (888-Bay-Wise)
Regional Public Service AnnouncementStorm Drain PSA (1994) (video)
Website – General public (
Coca-Cola Promotion
Computer Programs
Pesticides / IPMGot Ants_ Outreach to Reduce Water Quality Impacts from Residential Ant Control
Greener Pesticides for Cleaner Waterways
IPM Advocates for Retail Stores
IPM Expansion. Working with Pesticide Distributors
IPM Partnership Program (aka Our Water, Our World Program)
Regional Grow It! Guide
Regional Media Relations
Translations of Outreach Materials
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Topic DescriptionProgram or Project DescriptionDeliverable(s)
Alternative Trash Assessment Methodology On-Land Clean-up Pilot Study Design and SAPFinal On-Land Trash Cleanup Initial Study Design Concept_081716
Baseline Loading Development – Data Analysis / Load Estimate
Baseline Trash Load Development Method
Baseline Trash Load Estimate 2010/11 Wet-Season Monitoring
Long-Term Trash Load Reduction Plan Facilitation / Tools / Guidance
Preliminary and Final Reports on Trash Receiving Water Monitoring Program Plan and Related TasksBASMAA Final Receiving Water Trash Monitoring Report 6_14_20

Draft Final BASMAA Trash RW Mont Preliminary Report 6_24_19 (Clean – For BOD Approval)
Receiving Water Trash Monitoring Program PlanFinal BASMAA Trash Assessment Plan SOP V2 July 2018

Final BASMAA Trash Monitoring Program Plan_10.27.17 (w-Attach)
Short-Term Trash Load Reduction Plan Guidance
Tracking California’s Trash
Trash Load Reduction Tracking Method (Task 4)
Trash Load Reduction Tracking Method (Tasks 1 and 2)
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