The effectiveness of urban runoff treatment control measures in removing PCBs and mercury was examined as part of the CW4CB Project. Treatment control measure retrofits were designed and constructed in public right-of-ways, roadways, and easements in eight Bay Area locations and an additional existing treatment control retrofit project was monitored as part of the project. In general, the treatment retrofits were designed to filter or otherwise treat urban runoff to remove sediments and attached pollutants, including PCBs and mercury. Several treatment retrofits were funded solely via CW4CB, whereas others were jointly funded by the CW4CB Project and other municipal Capital Improvement Projects such as green street and trash capture device projects. The Urban Runoff Treatment Retrofit projects implemented as part of CW4CB included:

The results of this project task are presented in Section 5 of the CW4CB Overall Project Report as well as individual Project Reports included on the All CW4CB Project Reports page. Project and monitoring data locations are shown on the map below.

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