CW4CB Monitoring Data Download


Monitoring data collected was associated with the source property identification and referral projects, enhanced municipal operation and maintenance projects and urban runoff treatment retrofits projects. Data was collected by Applied Marine Sciences (AMS), ADH Environmental and Kinnetic Laboratories Incorporated (KLI), and analyzed by ALS Global (ALS), Soil Control Lab (SCL), and Advanced Technologies Laboratory (ATL). Data quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) and management was conducted by San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI).

Monitoring locations are shown on the Map of Project Locations. Detailed information about project locations, sampling methodology, analyses conducted, and other details can be found in the CW4CB Overall Project Report and in reports available on the CW4CB Project Reports page. Sampling and Analysis Plans (SAPs), Field Monitoring Reports, and the project Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) can also be found on the CW4CB Project Reports page.

Data Spreadsheets

Laboratory analytical results have been reviewed and condensed into spreadsheets, which can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

➤ Source Property Identification and Referral Data Spreadsheet

➤ Enhanced Municipal Operation and Maintenance Data Spreadsheet

➤ Urban Runoff Treatment Retrofits Data Spreadsheet


The Project database contains data associated with all CW4CB projects and monitoring locations, including QA/QC samples (e.g. blank samples, sample duplicates, etc.).  This database is intended for advanced users only and contains limited formatting. When using this database, it is important to reference the Project Reports, Field Sampling Reports and QA Reports, which can be found on the CW4CB Project Reports page. For more condensed and user friendly versions of the monitoring data results, use the spreadsheets linked above. Download the database and user guidance by clicking the links below:

➤ CW4CB Project Database

➤ User Guidance

Urban Runoff Treatment Retrofits: PG&E Substation, 1st and Cutting Bioretention Monitoring

Urban Runoff Treatment Retrofits: Bransten Road Bioretention Monitoring

Urban Runoff Treatment Retrofits: El Cerrito Green Streets Bioretention Monitoring