Pollution Prevention Training Program For Surface Cleaners

  • Surface Cleaning Businesses and Employees
    By registering your name with BASMAA and viewing our short online presentation you can receive a "Certificate of Training" in pollution prevention practices.
  • Bay Area Government Agencies and Businesses
    Find out which cleaners have completed the BASMAA training program.

get certified

Get a pollution prevention training certificate for the first time

If you never have visited the BASMAA pollution prevention training program before, this is the place to start.

renew certification

Renew my pollution prevention training certificate

This is for people who have already viewed the online training program and want to renew their training.

verify certification

Verify people who have received their pollution prevention certificates

Government agencies can look up cleaners that BASMAA recognizes as being trained in pollution prevention.

get documents

Anyone can download the following documents:

If you are a recognized cleaner, we can mail you professionally printed documents. View them all.