Model Language for Municipal Adoption of Program

Model Language for Municipal Adoption of Program

Managing PCBs−Containing Building Materials during Demolition

  • 27 August 2018
  • Author: Geoff Brosseau
  • Number of views: 1243

This document is a deliverable of the BASMAA project: Managing PCBs−Containing Building Materials during Demolition: Guidance, Tools, Outreach and Training. BASMAA developed guidance, tools, and outreach and training materials to assist with San Francisco Bay Area municipal agencies’ (Permittees) efforts to address the requirements of Provision C.12.f. of the Bay Area Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit (referred to as the MRP).  Provision C.12.f of the MRP requires Permittees to manage PCBs–containing building materials during demolition.  Specifically, MRP Provision C.12.f.ii (1)(a) requires Permittees to develop a new program by June 30, 2019 that includes: “the necessary authority to ensure that PCBs do not enter MS4s from PCB-containing materials in applicable structures at the time such structures undergo demolition.” 

Options for establishing municipal authority are discussed in the document, and model language for municipal adoption of a new program to manage PCBs materials during building demolition is provided, including a model resolution, a model ordinance, and a model supporting staff report.

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